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Easily accessible from the best hotels in Jaipur, Shahpura Bagh is a boutique home stay where clients arrive as guests and leave as friends.
The 19th century Nahar Niwas, one of the two residencies on the estate, remains the family home,
warm and gracious, offering the wonderful experience of traditional personalised hospitality,
of being welcomed into the heart of an ancient lineage.
“Shahpura Bagh is a wonderful find, a genuine opportunity to meet and live with
a Royal Indian family. As a one night stop off between Jaipur and Udaipur,
it is highly recommended.”


Umaid Niwas, an eclectic mix of Gothic-Rajasthani architecture, was built as a guest house
for visiting nobility, and has been restored as a 6 suite residency complete
with all the modern amenities of a premium hotel.
Set in 45 acres of garden and pasture, surrounded by two lakes, the working farm estate resplendent
with trees of Neem, Ashoka, Peepal and Mango, is a very special and ultimately serene oasis.
Healthy cows graze languidly in peaceful co-existence with peacocks, an entire menagerie of birds
fill the Bagh with birdsong and the occasional blue bull and jackal flit silently amongst the woods.
“Hundred rupees, Sat, " says Mamosa, his eyes twinkling behind his glasses.
A sheepish Shatrujeet Singh, aka Sat, Looks down...”

Outlook Traveller Magazine Feb 2008

Walking trails skirt the lakes, hammocks and charpoys are located at scenic spots to relax, read,
meditate or watch spectacular sunsets. Go boating on the lakes, surrounded by hundreds of wild fowl
which swoop and circle in formation or simply float away, soaking in the winter sun, pristine sky and water.
A gentle family consisting of the present Raja and his two sisters, with his two nephews and
their wives and children live in this garden retreat as the owners and are more than happy to
entertain and swap tales with their guests. However, by living in a separate residence,
guests may enjoy their privacy as much as they wish, and may choose to dine alone if so desired.

Evenings are spent mingling with other guests at the formal drawing room or
under the stars around a flickering fire nursing your favourite poison.

In the end, Shahpura Bagh, is a reinvigorating respite for fugitives from a hectic life,
and coupled with the personalised care that the family lavishes on each guest,
creates an environment, one that is more a home than a hotel.
Shahpura bagh is well connected and midway between luxury hotels in jaipur and best hotels in Udaipur.

“You may arrive at the Shahpura Bagh as a paying guest but
you'll leave as a friend of the raja who owns it...”

Matthew Hilton-Dennis, Telegraph

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