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Sustainable Tourism
Before “Corporate Social Responsibility” and “Responsible Tourism”,
became popular, the Shahpura family has been involved in social activism and philanthropy.

        Rajadhiraj Nahar Singh (1870 - 1930)

       ▪ He founded the first Modern Primary Hindi School in 1873 where education was imparted
         on modern lines as compared to the traditional gurukul system of learning
       ▪ Founded the All Girls School in 1875 for empowerment and education of women
       ▪ He established the first English Middle School in 1894 which was expanded in 1930 to a High School
         and named it the “DARBAR HIGH SCHOOL”. Children were sent to Ajmer for the final examinations
       ▪ Founded the Shahpura Agricultural School on 28th March 1920

Post Independence, his grandson Rajadhiraj Sudarshan Deo (1945-1991)
carried on the tradition of philanthropy

         Rajadhiraj Sudarshan Deo (1945 - 1991)

       ▪ He founded the Dayanand Saraswati Girls School on 2nd July 1963 and donated a substantial
         portion of the palace for its running
       ▪ On 16th February 1959, donated 200 acres of land to the Vinobha Bhave Charitable trust
         for distribution to the poor
       ▪ Donated “Dhikhola Fort” a nine acre property in 1971 to the panchayat for founding a school
       ▪ Donated 36,000 sq yards in 1976 from the present Shahpura Bagh property whose sale proceeds
         were used to fund a ladies maternity wing at the local hospital
       ▪ Donated the entire City Palace in the 1950s for a token amount of Rs 50,000 with a clear proviso
         that it would be used for education. Three government schools run there presently
       ▪ Donated a Haveli with 90,000 sq yards of land to the Kasturba Gandhi Trust (Gandhi’s wife)
         for vocational training of destitute women, which exists till date

Present Initiatives
        Rajadhiraj Sudarshan Deo Charitable Trust
        The Shahpura family contributes a portion of its turnover towards this charity and encourages
to support and get involved in these works of philanthropy, thereby using tourism
        as a tool to foster social and economic development in this under-developed area.

       Mission and Objectives

       The Sudarshan Deo Charitable Trust in close coordination with the local municipality and
       Government Schools aims at supporting rural children at Dhikhola Village and Shahpura by:
       ▪ Providing monetary support to educate children living below the poverty line
       ▪ Educational scholarships to gifted children
       ▪ Providing clothes, books and other educational material to encourage a child’s learning
       ▪ Donations of computers and other educational aids to the schools to improve their
         facilities and quality of education imparted

Going Green

       Shahpura Bagh has implemented several environmental and economic initiatives in an effort
       to “Go Green” & is clearly focused on using tourism as a means to boost the subsistence
       based agrarian economy

      ▪ During restoration work, focus towards using waste material for construction. For example,
        crazy paving to utilise broken stone tiles, and Arras (lime), for flooring mixed with marble
        powder, again a waste product

      ▪ The use of age old building techniques through local artisans has preserved these
        unique skills as well as created local employment

      ▪ We are an equal opportunity employer and ensure that all our staff are hired locally
        and across several tribal communities therefore maintaining diversity

      ▪ All staff are trained in their area of specialisation and we ensure multi-skilling as well as
        job rotation schemes, to make the job interesting and rewarding. We buy most of our
        raw material from the district so as to support the locality

      ▪ All gray water is recycled by creating soak pits and diverting the processed water to
        landscaping areas and gardens. We regularly construct and clean all our water harvesting
        channels and dredge the man made lakes to harvest precious rain water

      ▪ All our water is heated via Solar heating, in an effort to utilise an alternative energy source

      ▪ Implementation of energy savings bulbs, keys and design of rooms are part of our initiative
        to enhance energy saving measure

      ▪ We grow our own organic vegetables and grains to ensure our guests health and well being.
        All our food is sourced locally to minimise transportation and support local farmers

      ▪ We promote the sale of locally made handicrafts and provide design ideas and business
        concepts in an effort to support and re-energise the artisans of the area

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