There's a lot to do for the outdoor enthusiast. The Shahpura region has a rich varied landscape dotted with many man-made lakes, rustic original quaint villages and friendly innocent people un-spoilt by modernity. Long warm days in the sun and fresh air alongside lakes teeming with wild fowl remind you of earlier carefree days of youth. Whether you are drifting away in a boat surrounded by reeds, day dreaming on a comfortable charpoy at the farm, or just taking in the rural scenery, staying here will bring you the joys of "the simpler life of bygone ages".

Life is unhurried here. The days filled with sunshine, conversation & picnics, with lazy sundowners to trape the blazing sunset. Spontaneous excursions trace the history of the region through neighbouring forts and legends, rambles transform into safaris in the flash of a beckoning wing - the surrounding wetlands are a birdwatcher's paradise, tempting even to the uninitiated!

Dhikhola Fort

A short 30 minute drive from the Bagh brings you to village Dhikhola, a quaint and rustic village where time has stood still. Visitors can explore the village and the fort owned by the family.

Bird Watching

With over 250 small lakes, Shahpura is a bird watching paradise with over 180 species of birds. Activities include boating, photography, walks & sundowners adjacent to numerous lakes.

Excursions To The Farm

After a sumptuous breakfast go explore the largest lake, Nahar Sagar, visit quaint villages en route and relax in the shade of century old trees at the hosts 140 acre orchard farm. Guests wanting a feel of authentic rural India with all its charming idiosyncrasies would do well not to miss this excursion. The charm lies in seeing Rajasthan the way it was decades ago.

Temple Visit

Visit Ram Dwara, the revered ancient temple. The old city palace reveals the integration of Rajput & Mughal traditions in architecture while the geometrical symmetry ofthe baoli (stepwell) inspires a serenity that lingers.

For those who would like to work up a bit of a sweat and get some fantastic views, take a 45 minute trek to a famous tribal temple on top of a wooded hill. Every Saturday and Sunday, tribal communities come from around 50 miles, to congregate and worship their tribal deities. Legend has it, that all wishes made at the temple on top of the hill will be made true and so fervent is the devotion, that many make this trek barefoot.


A trip into Shahpura reveals the town’s rich multi-cultural vibrancy and its fascinating arts and crafts tradition. Sit with the Joshis and watch a traditional Phad, a painting depicting mythology and history, come to life.

Explore the many goods on sale in the marketplace. Get a leather mojari, or local footwear, made to your size. Understand the local people's way of life, mingle with artisans and farmers and innocent children...




Activities - Season > Summer 2017
May, June, July, Aug, Sep
1st October 2017 to 30th April 2018 Summer 2018
May, June, July, Aug, Sep
One Cultural tour to fort OR farm 1500 per couple + taxes 18% 1500 per couple + taxes 18% 1500 per couple + taxes 18%
Boating tour NA 1500 per couple + taxes 18% 1500 per couple + taxes 18%
Bullock Cart Ride 1500 per couple + taxes 18% 1500 per couple + taxes 18% 1500 per couple + taxes 18%
Private Candle Light Dinner
for two or four pax at Dhikhola fort lit up with mashals and lights inclusive of beverages
NA Rs 10000 per pax inclusive taxes NA
Midway Al Fresco Lunch
Between Jaipur -Udaipur, ranthambore -Udaipur, includes use of Swimming Pool and all facilities 
(1st October 2017 to 30th April 2018)
Rs 3000 per pax + Taxes 18% Rs 3500 per pax + taxes 18% Rs 3000 per pax + Taxes 18%
Candle light Al- Fresco private Dinner at the Infinity pool NA Rs 4000 per pax+ taxes 18% NA
Interactive Cooking lessons with recipes of several dishes including a meal NA Rs 3500 per pax + taxes 18% NA
Bird Watching Tour in jeep with Guide, Binoculars, reference, Books and picnic hamper.
Duration- 4 hours with visits to 2-3 lakes
  3000/Pax + Taxes NA
Private Cycling tour visiting the rural hinterlands , villages , lakes a with picnic hamper (Duration three to four hours )   3500/Pax + Taxes NA